What is your policy regarding Limo or Bus tours/groups?

In order to ensure that we are able to provide an enjoyable and relaxing environment for everyone visiting the vineyard, we only accept limo or bus tours up until 12:30pm on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. All bus or limo tours must also be scheduled in advance so that we are best able to accommodate your group as well as our other guests at the vineyard. Please email in order to schedule your bus or limo tour. Thank you.

May I bring my dog when I visit?

Yes. We recognize a glass of wine tastes better when enjoyed amongst friends. Our dog policy tries to mirror this sentiment. Dogs are welcome at Old House both on weekends and during the week; however, all dogs must remain outdoors on the grassy areas and on leashes held by their owners (not tied to tables or chairs). Only Certified Service Dogs are allowed inside the Tasting rooms.

As with all guests, we reserve the right to ask anyone who is creating an environment disruptive to others to leave. We also ask owners to pick up after their dogs. Thank you.

May I bring outside food when I visit?

Yes. Individuals are always welcome to bring their own picnic items.

Do you have a restaurant on-site or do you provide food offerings?

We have our own Chef Team, The Green Ribbon, located at the Brewery Taproom every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-5pm with an extensive menu available. You can visit their Facebook page for updated weekend menus: @greenribbonva

Please check our annual events page: Additional food vendors may be onsite for special events.

Our brick-oven pizzas are offered on all (non-holiday) Mondays from May through October.

Picnics are always welcome.

May I bring my children to the winery?

Well behaved children are always welcome on the grounds but need to be closely attended to by parents at all times. We put great effort into creating a beautiful setting for everyone to enjoy and would appreciate your help in maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the vineyard. Anyone under the age of 21 cannot drink, even with a parent’s consent. We also cannot allow children to be at the bar during tastings. Thank you!

Are individuals allowed to fish at your pond?

Yes. Individuals and families are welcome to fish during hours we are open and as long as no private events are being held at the island or pavilion. All fishing is catch and release. If you would like to check on whether the pond is open on a specific day, please call the winery while we are open at 540-423-1032. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult while fishing.

Does Old House host weddings or corporate gatherings?

Yes. Old House hosts many weddings and events throughout the year. For pricing and information, please email us at

May I find your wine in stores or restaurants?

We do supply a few local restaurants in Culpeper; however, 99.5% of our wines are sold from our winery and tasting room on-site. Some of our wines may be found for purchase at Vinosity in Culpeper.

Does Old House ship their wines?

We currently only ship to the following five states and the District of Columbia due to reciprocal licensing agreements: Virginia, Alaska, Florida, California, and Minnesota.

Now that Old House also has a Distillery on-site, how do Spirit tastings work?

Spirit Tastings are separate from the winery tastings. The Distillery Tasting Room is open Saturday and Sunday 12-5:30pm. The distililery tasting room features Vodka distilled from Grapes, an assortment of Rums from Silver to Aged to Spiced, a Virginia version of a Tequila product, and a Corn Whiskey. The Distillery Tasting room features a WWII museum honoring our greatest generation. Please note the Distillery is also a 21 and up location.

I would like to learn more about the Irish Pub?

Kearney’s Irish Pub is a Fine Adult Drinking Establishment which has a strict 21 and over policy. The Pub is located adjacent to the Brewery Taproom. The idea behind the pub is to have a more intimate drinking experience. Hard wood floors and Tile around the Bar, Fireplace, and Stag Head all of which overlooks the Brewery Production area and 30 acres of Barley growing in the fields. When open we have food provided by our in-house Chef Team,  The Green Ribbon, but outside food is welcome in the Pub  The Pub is open Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm (unless closed for a private event). Sláinte! 

Does Old House offer tours of its production facility?

Tours are not currently offered on a regular basis during the week or on weekends unless we have otherwise advertised. It is a primary goal of ours to begin offering tours and educational experiences in 2021. We look forward to updating everyone once this goal becomes reality.

Are individuals allowed to bring outside alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, or spirits) to the Vineyard?

No. Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (Virginia ABC) anywhere on Old House Vineyards property. This activity could jeopardize our license and any outside alcoholic beverages will be confiscated or patrons will be asked to leave.

Does Old House sell its barrels once they are finished using them?

When barrels are available, we sell them for $115. If you are interested in purchasing a barrel, please send us an email to and we can let you know if there are any available.

Will Old House donate wine toward our non-profit fundraising event?

Old House is proud to support local and non-profit organizations on an annual basis. Due to the overwhelming amount of donation requests received, we are unable to give to each event or organization. If you are looking for a donation, please send an email to

Thank you for thinking of us!

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